Consider hiring Orlando airport shuttles. Research the airport shuttle services in the area that you are interested in. There are two types of shared-ride: multi-ride, and one type that is all-inclusive. The two main types of airport shuttles Orlando are Multi-ride or Shared-ride.

What solution will best meet your needs?

Share-ride is cheaper, but it will only take you and a few other passengers to the airport before picking up you at your hotel. The company's schedule will not dictate the pick-up time. It will depend on which flight route you choose. This option allows you to move quickly and avoid being stuck in a long queue. Multi-ride service allows you to move from the airport to multiple locations, such as to the hotel where your luggage is stored and then to another location such as an amusement park or business district. If you choose to use multi-ride, you must reserve the shuttle prior to your departure. Multi-ride options may not be available for all services. Before you make a decision, be sure to verify with the company.

When does time start?

Most airport shuttles begin charging passengers when you leave. You can board the shuttle as soon as you're able. Numerous shuttle companies use computers for tracking your flight to ensure you arrive on-time. This allows shuttle companies the ability to manage delays and assist you. Some companies start charging you as soon as you give your ETA. Contact the company for more information or visit their website.

Do airport shuttles offer door-to-door service?

Many airport shuttle services will pick you up at the airport. You can also have them pick you up at your office, home, or any other place. They will pick you up at the airport depending on what information was provided when you booked. Picking the right car for you is important. Limousines and buses are also available. Additional fees may be charged by some companies. Be sure to verify the fees before you make a decision.

Cancellation policy

It is important to be familiar with the cancellation policy for shuttles. If you cancel your reservation at least two hours prior to the pickup time, there will be no charge. If you cancel your appointment after the pick-up or pickup time, you will be charged the full amount. Many services allow you to cancel your appointment prior to the time being listed on their websites.


You should consider more than just the status of the airport shuttle. Also, take into consideration their experience and fleet of vehicles. Research the cost of a service before you sign up for it.